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Spacing Plate

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.35

R-Type Plug

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.34

Switch Housing

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.33

Carbon Brush Cover

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.31


SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.3

Self-Tapping Screw

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.2A

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Carbon Brush Bracket

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.29

Self-Tapping Screw

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.28

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Motor Pulley

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.27


SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.25

Ball Bearing

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.24


SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.23


SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.22

Self-Tapping Screw

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.21

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Shaft Gear

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.1A

Round Head Screw

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.18

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SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.17

Shaft Gear

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.15

Round Head Tapping Screw

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.14

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Electric Wire Clamp

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.13

Motor Housing

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.12

Rotor Assembly

SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.11


SKU: PPLANPX12-0130-0.1

Round Head Phillips Lock Screw w/Washer

SKU: PJ8X72E-0130 -179

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