Tangential Blades

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E12 12mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0013-0050

E18 13.5mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0014-0050

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E25 25mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0015-0050

E28 30mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0017-0050

E30 2.5mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0018-0050

E50 3.5mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0022-0050

E85 50mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0019-0050

E87 70mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0020-0050

E92 120mm Cut Depth

SKU: PCNC-0021-0050

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Creasing Wheel B24

SKU: PCNC0010-0050

Creasing Wheel B26

SKU: PCNC0011-0050

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Creasing Wheel B12

SKU: PCNC0007-0050

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Tangential Creasing Module Assembly-Kit

SKU: Tangential Creasing Module Assembly-Kit

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Tangential Oscillating Saw Assembly-Kit

SKU: Tangential Oscillating Saw Assembly-Kit

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Tangential Knife Assembly-Kit

SKU: Tangential Knife Assembly-Kit

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B12 Creasing Wheel

SKU: PCNC-0007-0050

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