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Control Panel Support Plate V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-43BV2

Control Panel V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-43AV2

Control Box V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-43V2

Junction Box Plate

SKU: PDCPF22201-42A

Junction Box

SKU: PDCPF22201-42

Motor Base Cover Plate

SKU: PDCPF22201-33

Drum Insert V2. 2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-32V2

Canister Filter Shield

SKU: PDCPF22201-31J

HEPA End Cap V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-24AV2

HEPA Filter 400mm x 900mm L No Cleaning Parts

SKU: PDCPF22201-24

Out Of Stock

Rotation Shaft Connection

SKU: PDCPF22201-23F

Paddle Branch

SKU: PDCPF22201-23D

Rotation Shaft V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-23V2

Band Clamp 400mm

SKU: PDCPF22201-20

Rubber Gasket 1650mm

SKU: PDCPF22201-19F

Octagon Drum Lid V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-19V2

Foam Tape 3*15mm*80CM

SKU: PDCPF22201-18J


SKU: PDCPF22201-18I

Cyclone Funnel V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-18DV2

Foam Tape 3 x 6mm x 10M

SKU: PDCPF22201-18B


SKU: PDCPF22201-15

Plastic Bag 610 x 1200mm

SKU: PDCPF22201-14V2

Out Of Stock

Lower Support Plate

SKU: PDCPF22201-13

Triangular Support Plate V2.2021

SKU: PDCPF22201-12V2