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Connect Cord 10AWG*1C*153mm

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-253

Pan Head Screw 3/16"-24NC*1/4"

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-252

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Outlet Box Cover

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-251

Strain Relief MGB25-18B

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-249


SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-237

Dust Chute

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-235

Adjust Rod Assembly

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-230

Slid Arm

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-23

Motor Shaft

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-229

Motor Plate Shaft

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-228


SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-227

Round Head Hex. Screw M5*0.8P*10

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-226

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SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-215

Bracket for Power Feeder

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-213

Line Rail Seat

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-21

Control Box Arm

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-207

Easy Fit Grommet NB-2430

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-206

Socket Bracket

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-200

Transformer 220V

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-195

Cable Cat 5E*RJ45-8P8CT-A*2M

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-191

Digital Read Out WR5502CT

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-190

Connect Cord ST18AWG*1C*85mm

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-188

Connect Cord 18AWG*1C*150mm

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-186

Round Head Hex. Screw

SKU: PJ12X88P-0130-182

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