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Tension Blade Spring

SKU: C012017

Upper & Lower Door Latch

SKU: C012016 .

Table Level Register

SKU: C012014

Special Nut

SKU: C012035

Spring Steel Blade Protection

SKU: PBAND165600-35

Support of Blade Protection

SKU: PBAND165600-26

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Blade Protection

SKU: PBAND165600-25

Steel Wire for Tension Blade Indication

SKU: PBAND185600-18

Block for Inclination Handle

SKU: PBAND165600-3401501

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Handle for Inclination

SKU: PBAND165600-15

Thrust Bearing (Group with #12 from manual)

SKU: PBAND165600-3261009

Shaft Upper Wheel

SKU: PBAND165600-08

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Upper Door

SKU: C012043

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SKU: PBAND165600-5210030

Upper Fly Wheel

SKU: PBAND165600-1

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