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Stand Assembly

SKU: PBAND1412-175-500

Upper Wheel assembly

SKU: PBAND1412-175-5/1

Rubber Pad Assembly

SKU: PBAND1412-175-5-8RPA

Front/Rear Panel

SKU: PBAND1412-175-5-4

Side Panel

SKU: PBAND1412-175-5-3

Upper Wheel

SKU: PBAND1412-175-5

Out Of Stock

Adjusting Knob

SKU: PBAND1412-175-49

Lock Knob

SKU: PBAND1412-175-48

Lock Knob

SKU: PBAND1412-175-46


SKU: PBAND1412-175-44

Out Of Stock

Height Scale

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-9

Out Of Stock

Upper Blade Guard Assembly

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-8A

Out Of Stock


SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-5


SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-4

Special Bolt

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-38


SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-37

Lock Knob

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-35

Support Shaft

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-34A

Lock Handle

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-33

Guide Bracket

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-32

Support Shaft

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-31A

Ceramic Ceramic Guide Rear

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-30

Lock Knob

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-29

Lower guide assembly

SKU: PBAND1412-175-4-28B