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Upper Wheel Assembly (Including #2, #4 and #5)

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-5a

Upper door

SKU: pband18bx2203-51

Upper wheel

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-5

Height Scale

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-4-9


SKU: PBAND18BX2203-4-10

18|bx PU Tires

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-4

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Fence stop assembly


Lock knob

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-8

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2nd Scale

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-51

Square Nut

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-49

Lock Knob

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-44

Nylon Inerted Lock Nut

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-41

Steel Bar

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-19

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Scale Plate

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-14


SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-13

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SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-12

Aluminum Fence

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-3-1

Blade Tension Arm Assembly

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-21

Brake Assembly with cable

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-63A

Poly-V Belt

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-6

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Lower wheel assembly

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-5B

Lower Wheel Assembly (Including #2, #4 and #5)

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-5A

Lower wheel

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-5

Start Capacitor

SKU: PBAND18BX2203-2-45SC

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