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Pre-Cut Sander-Ready 150 Grit: 19" Drum Sander (3-wraps per box)

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Enhance your sanding projects with our Pre-Cut Sander-Ready 150 Grit Abrasive Wraps, precisely designed for 19" drum sanders. Each box includes three high-quality wraps, providing the fine abrasion necessary for achieving a smooth, polished finish on a variety of surfaces.


Ultra-Fine Abrasion: The 150 grit is ideal for final sanding, effectively removing minor imperfections and preparing surfaces for painting or finishing. Durable Construction: Made from premium, long-lasting materials, these wraps ensure consistent performance and durability, even under frequent use. Pre-Cut Precision: Each wrap is pre-cut to fit 19" drum sanders perfectly, allowing for quick and easy installation without the need for additional trimming. Smooth Results: Designed to deliver a smooth, even finish, these wraps reduce the need for extensive hand sanding, enhancing your efficiency and productivity.

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