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LED Chameleon 95CRI Lamp

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Not Available for Canada, Pending CSA certification.

The new Chameleon LED Lathe light with 95 CRI is optimized for the best possible lighting. With the LED benefits of long life, low power consumption, and low heat emission; the Laguna LED line are the best machine lamps available.


Chameleon Color (Temperature) Control
Brightness Control
Casted Impact Resistant Heads
Shadow Diffusing Lens
The light will mount to 14|12, 14BX, 18BX, 18CX, Revo 12, Revo 15, Revo 18, Revo 24, JX|12 ShearTec: II Jointer without brackets or accessories.

110 or 220 volt with built-in driver
Pre-wired for 110 volt
Plug change required for 220 volt - See video below (220 plug not included)

Detailed Specs:
Bulb Wattage: 14 Watt
Bulb Angle: 120
Illuminance*: 0-720
Temperature: 3000K-6000K
Color Rendering Index (CRI): 95 CRI (best)
* Measurement taken at full brightness from 1 meter from light source. For refernce, an iphone X LED light was measured at 49.8 lumens:
Service Life: 50000
Controls: Illuminance, Temperature, Power

Assembled Dimensions: W4 x L28 x H26




80, 90, 95 CRI are color rendering indexes. This index is used to compare artificial light sources to that of natural light that we perceive through our eyes on a sunny clear day. The higher the CRI, the more real things will look when shined upon. 
The out new Chameleon LED lights with 90 CRI (ALEDMACH) and 95 CRI (ALEDLATHE) for the best possible lighting. With the Led benefits of long life, low power consumption, and low heat emission; this makes the Laguna LED line the best machine lamp available.
Chameleon Color (Temperature) Control allows the user to tune the environment with the best lighting possible. Poor lighting in a workspace can distort colors, reflect poorly, and cause shadows that make the details fade. The Chameleon Color control is technology taken down from surgeons and doctors that we thought would be very useful for the makers. 
Full Brightness Control works in unison with the Chameleon color control allowing the user to further tune the lighting environment. 

Casted Impact-resistant heads. The heads are water and dust resistant and can withstand a punch well enough for military standards.

Shadow Diffusing Lens makes the shadows less crisp and noticeable. An undiffused light will cast a shadow with crisp lines, adding distractions. The diffusing lenses give more natural and pleasing light.

Multiple Joint Design. Solid joints are used to allow the user to move the light wherever it needs to be. These joints can easily be tightened and loosened as desired and are prepped with Loctite prior to shipping. 

50,000-hour service life (5.7 Years). This means you can turn the light on, and leave it on, for 5.7 years before the bulb dies. This is because LED technology is very efficient, will not get hot, and uses very little electricity to operate. 
100-240V LED Driver, 110V plug included. Another crucial component to the longevity of the light is the driver. Our drivers allow for a voltage input anywhere from 100V to 240V and are equipped standard with a 110V 5-15 plug. This means that if you need 208V or 220V you can simply cut the plug and rewire it to the receptacle.

Low Heat & Energy Consumption. Based on recent electricity data, the 14W Chameleon lights will only cost $2.56 a year if used for 5 hours every day. Compare this to a typical Halogen Machine light, the cost is up to ten times that, and that is not included replacement bulbs or possible fire hazards.


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HUGE FAN OF THESE lights! worth the price, well built I have 3 different Laguna lights now and love them all and plan to buy one or two more... Ima a tool freak and these are great!