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The insert block goes into a slot around the blade right under the table of your 14|12 or 14|bx Bandsaw to improve dust collection. The part is made out of plastic to prevent any damage in the case of it coming into contact with the bandsaw blade.

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5 reviews

I am unsure how to feel about this part


I have this on my Laguna 1412 bandsaw and it wasnt until recently realized that mine at some point it became loose in the holder under the table and has allowed the blade to slowing melt its way through it because it was rubbing on the back of the blade. Now mine is in two pieces. There needs to be something that keeps or retains this part from ever touching the blade. I am not really sure as to what this part is really doing because the guides keep the blade straight.

home made insert block


The purpose is to improve dust collection which it seems to do. it has nothing to do with guiding the blade. If the blade is rubbing the block, it is probably tracking too far back on the wheels or the block needs to be shimmed to keep it in place. My used saw was missing the insert block. Instead of purchasing a $5 part with a $15 charge for sending it, I made a block from hardwood which works well.

Design flaw needs correction.


I’m having the same problem as the other two reviewers here. The piece sits loosely in its slot and moves around drifting into the blade! Mine snapped in two and I’m out of business for over a week now. This should be fixed. It’s obviously a defect in the design. Please send my comment to the research and development department. Thanks.

Design description


The Insert Block is used to improve dust collection by reducing the gap at the bottom of the dust collection area of the saw. Saw can be operated without the block while you are waiting for a replacement. The tighter the opening where the blade exits the dust collection chamber, the better the dust collection. Since the block is used in close proximity to the blade, it is made of plastic so that it does not damage the blade should if they come into contact. The block, like the blade, is considered wear items. It will get worn over time and is designed to be replaced occasionally. Users can also make their own replacement block from a piece of plywood or MDF. Should you create your own insert, cut the block to size & then with the saw unplugged slide the block into the groove while rotating the wheels by hand so that the blade can cut the slot while the block is pushed into its groove. Use pliers to hold the block while cutting the groove to keep your fingers away from the blade.

Handy item to keep on hand

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This block does a great job assisting with dust collection. I think it could use a bit of improvement as its easily broken when a blade brakes. But for the price I keep spares on hand ready to go.