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14|12, 14bx, 14cx, REVO 12|16: WHEEL SYSTEM

5 Reviews

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Fits 14/12 and 14BX Bandsaws, Revo 12|16.

-360° Omni-Directional
-Use with Two Rubber Pads
-Allows both Pulling & Pushing
-Pedal Raises & Lowers Front Wheel
-Wheels Mounted Outside Frame to Maximize Stability
-Oilite Bronze Bushing Allows for Less Friction and Longer Life
-Fits 14/12 and 14BX Bandsaws, 12|16 Revo Lathe (designed for maximum stability by allowing the REVO 12|16 to only sit on the four pads when in use)  

-Easy Install
-No Drilling Required
-Maximum Stability



Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

14BX wheels


Bought this for the 14BX. Works great once installed. You need blocks or a second person. Watch the YouTube video. The directions are lacking in the manual. Still not sure how to use the front adjustment. Solid well built product. In a small space like mine a blessing to move a heavy machine.

Bad design


I have been using this in my shop for two years now. there must be a better design.
<br> #1 I find the bandsaw unstable when elevated and hard to maneuver around the shop.
<br>#2 It takes too much weight to get the bandsaw elevated. I'm 275 pounds and must use most of my weight.
<br>#3 The 1/4"x 1-1/4" x 10" lever bar is too flimsy and will bend.

Mobility = less headache


This wheel system is a must-have if you have a small shop. Helps me move my 14BX easily in my single-car garage workshop. Cant put a price on mobility.

What NOT to do when installing the third wheel on the 14bx


I made the simple mistake of installing the third wheel while the saw was being supported by 2X4’s, and during that installation I allowed gravity to pull the bracket closer to the floor since there was no floor to fully stop the wheel. I then, while still supported by 2X4’s fully tightened the four Allen bolts to the frame. Then the wheel had Massive problems attempting to lift the saw. One year later and much bitching I called Laguna (they’d not heard of this, although they had heard of the peddle almost bending from body weight to attempt to lift the saw. I watched the install film again and it clicked, I should not be using 2x4’s under the frame of the saw when installing “THE THIRD WHEEL”. Once I allowed the saw to stand on its own, I re-installed the four bolts which changed the angle for the pivot, now the wheel lifts the saw like a dream.



The three wheel design of the base causes the saw to be seriously unstable when I move it around. It is also difficult to maneuver and I need a lot of space to make a simple turn. I’m replacing it with a Bora mobile base.